The Celebration of Thanksgiving

2.The Celebration of Thanksgiving…

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You might be aware or not of how Thanksgiving used to be celebrated and how it is celebrated in today’s America. Below is a video for you to listen to, to find out more about the celebration of Thanksgiving. Once you’ve listened to the video, please complete the words missing out in the transcript of the video exercise.

Click here for the video:   


Did you notice it ?

In American English, pronunciation clearly differ from the British one.The letter R is more prominently pronounced than in British English because Americans pronounce it all the time whereas in British English the sound [r] is less prominent at the end of words for instance.

Compare : color (US) vs colour (GB).

In American English, besides the change in pronunciation, the spelling of words also changes as you can see in the example above. Moreover, in terms of lexical words, you have to know that some vocabulary words are typically British or American.

Compare : a truck (US) vs a lorry (GB).                              2.The Celebration of Thanksgiving... cards_thanksgiving_3

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